Can you break the Serpents Curse?

PUBLISHED: 1 October 2019

Date issued: 1 October 2019

This Halloween, Colchester Castle is launching a brand-new escape experience.

Set in Europe’s largest Norman keep, come and explore the mysterious goings on that have caused several members of the Castle team to disappear.

Escape At The Castle is the perfect opportunity to gather friends and family together to see if you can solve the mysterious puzzles and crack the clues that will lead you to break the SERPENTS CURSE...

This thrilling and fast-paced experience will lead you all over this historic building and, with 2,000 years of history buried deep within its walls, it’s the perfect location to get your brains working and cracking codes!

Councillor Julie Young, Portfolio Holder for Culture and Performance and Deputy Leader of the Council said: Escape At The Castle is full of intrigue, mystery and history in one thrilling new package. Come along and see if you can break the serpents curse!”

Escape At The Castle is a family-friendly experience, although we recommend all participants are age 11+ due to the complex nature of some of the codes.

Launching on 31 October, with an introductory offer of £10 per person for a limited time only, the experience takes roughly one hour. Please see website for further details and times at

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