Colchester Council is listening to new ideas for a better Colchester

PUBLISHED: 9 October 2018

Date issued: 9 October 2018

Three wholly new initiatives are to be added to the work programme of the Policy and Public Initiatives Panel, following a recent consultation exercise which invited the public to suggest ways to improve the borough.

The Policy and Public Initiatives Panel, which was set up by the Leader of the Progressive Alliance, Cllr Mark Cory, in May 2018, operates as a Committee of Cabinet. One of its main roles is to listen to ideas from the public about improving our town.

Cabinet members will decide on 10 October whether to recommend for review by the Panel three projects – sustainable transport, a responsible dog-owners policy, and enhancements to the Town Centre and small business 'Walls Project' – which emerged out of an online survey and a public engagement event in September.

The online survey drew over 100 responses covering a wide range of issues including air quality and pedestrianisation of the High Street, both of which already feature in the Panel’s work programme.

A further eleven contributions from members of the public were presented at the Town Hall listening event on 19 September, ranging from greener modes of transport and sustainable street lighting to tackling anti-social behaviour.

Cllr Mark Cory, the Leader of Colchester Borough Council, said: “I’m delighted that so many people took the time and effort to submit their ideas to help make a better Colchester, and I am keen to see this more open and accessible approach to decision-making continue to guide the work of the Panel and the whole council.

“Listening to residents, it is clear people want better roads and transport, want our town centre to be a clean and welcoming environment, and want us to make the most of the great heritage we have.

“The Policy and Public Initiatives Panel is an excellent channel for councillors, residents and other organisations to come together to help deliver on our ambition to make this great borough an even better place to live, to work in and to visit.”

Cllr Lee Scordis, Chairman of the Policy and Public Initiatives Panel, added: “It was a pleasure to hear so many constructive ideas for the town. What was certainly noticeable and positive about this meeting was that many of the ideas raised are already in the pipeline or have been discussed by Cabinet.

“For anyone who still has ideas about how we can improve Colchester, I encourage you to come to our next meeting and have your say.”

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