Terrifying Tales in the Old Library

PUBLISHED: 23 November 2022

After four years touring East Anglia with their Terrifically Terrifying Tales, the Packing Shed Theatre Company is making a welcome return to its hometown with a spooky double-bill coming to the Old Library at Colchester’s Town Hall.

Inspired by East Anglian myths and legends, Neil D'Arcy-Jones and Patrick Marlowe of the Packing Shed Theatre Company, have together crafted two spellbinding ghost stories that have a distinctly salty air.

‘Fata Mogana or The Ghost Ship’ tells the tale of how an ordinary day beachcombing turns up something sinister, and ‘The Bodies on the Beach’ uncovers a tale surrounding an old Victorian watch and a couple seen washed up on Shingle Street based on the mystery of bodies washed up on a Suffolk village beach during the Second World War.

Performed by Neil and Patrick, an actor who has performed on stage at the National Theatre and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, the show takes place in a suitably spooky Old Library on West Stockwell Street from Wednesday, December 28, to Friday, December 30, at 7pm.

Neil said: “We’re very excited to be bringing our spooky seaside tales to the Old Library, a venue which lends itself so well to the power of storytelling. We all love scary stories and audiences of all ages are welcome along for some good old-fashioned entertainment to brighten up the dark winter nights.”

The Packing Shed Theatre Company was established in 2017 to promote new writing, whether by playwrights based in East Anglia, those who were born in the area, or those who are writing about the people and places of Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk. The Company are the producers of Castle Park Theatre, and all proceeds from this event will support next year's open-air production in the Park of A Midsummer Night's Dream.

For tickets visit: Terrifically Terrifying Tales - Colchester Events (colchester-events.co.uk)

Pictured above: A 
performance of The Haywain by Castle Park Theatre

Page last reviewed: 23 November 2022


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