A Green Wall for Colchester

PUBLISHED: 8 November 2018

Date issued: 8 November 2018

As part of its Better Colchester campaign, Colchester Borough Council is in the early stages of creating a green wall.

The council is currently working on identifying suitable sites for the structure – also known as a living wall – and has been working to appoint a contractor to deliver the work, with the intention for installation to begin in 2019.

The green wall will improve the aesthetics of Colchester, making it more appealing and welcoming – a core part of the Better Colchester campaign.

Cllr Tina Bourne, Portfolio Holder for Housing and Communities, said: “I am really excited about this project. Bringing even more greenery to Colchester town centre will make it more appealing for our residents, visitors and businesses. This is smart technology and the structural attachment of the green wall will be sensitively handled.”

A green wall works by having a lightweight frame attached to the structure. The frame has cassettes with pockets which hold the plants and there is a separate membrane which holds water.

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