Shining a light on Colchester

PUBLISHED: 8 November 2018

As part of its commitment for a Better Colchester, Colchester Borough Council is working on a series of projects to lighten and brighten up parts of the town and its heritage.

The council has already applied for Scheduled Monument Consent to light up the War Memorial in Cowdray Crescent. The new scheme will see uplighters placed at the front and side of this important Colchester landmark.

In the pipeline for February 2019 is a colourful installation on Sir Isaacs Walk. The temporary 85m installation will see brightly-coloured, illuminated umbrellas offering visitors and businesses a beautiful view during the dark winter months.

Research and feasibility studies are also currently taking place to look at how a further segment of Colchester’s Roman Wall could be lit. The council is working with partners to look at how this could be best delivered, whilst protecting the history of the site.

The council is also currently investigating ways to improve the lighting of Colchester Castle after dark, which is in need of an upgrade. If feasibility studies prove successful, new LED colour-changing lighting will be installed in a smaller bunker – improving the aesthetics of the area where the lighting will need to be housed.

Lighting will also play an important role in the council’s WW1 commemorations, when Colchester Castle will be lit up with poppies on the evenings of the 9, 10 and 11 of November.

Cllr Tim Young, Portfolio Holder for Business and Culture and Deputy Leader of the Council, said: “Some of the key parts of our Better Colchester campaign are to make Colchester even more welcoming and to celebrate our heritage.

“We’ve already put plans in place to improve the lighting of the War Memorial and I’m excited to see our umbrella installation coming to life. Lighting up another section of our Roman Wall is something I want to achieve. It will take time, but we are carrying out intense studies to check the feasibility and we’ll keep residents updated on our progress.”

Page last reviewed: 8 November 2018


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