New administration and cabinet confirmed

PUBLISHED: 25 May 2023

Colchester City Council will now be led by a minority Liberal Democrat administration, with the backing of the Labour Party and the Green Party.

Following approval at yesterday’s Annual Meeting of the council, eight portfolio holders will continue to form the Cabinet – with four new faces joining the team.

Cllr David King will remain the Leader of the Council and Portfolio Holder for Strategy, while Cllr Mark Cory will become the Deputy Leader of the Council and Portfolio Holder for Resources. Cllr Michelle Burrows will be the Portfolio Holder for Leisure, Culture, and Heritage, and Cllr Martin Goss will retain the Portfolio for Neighbourhood Services and Waste. Cllr Andrea Luxford Vaughan will continue as the Portfolio Holder for Planning, Environment, and Sustainability, and Cllr Alison Jay will take on the role of Portfolio Holder for Economy, Transformation, and Performance. Cllr Paul Smith will be the Portfolio Holder for Housing, and Cllr Natalie Sommers will take on the role of Portfolio Holder for Communities.

Speaking after the new Cabinet was agreed, Cllr David King said: “I am sorry Labour colleagues could not join us in a coalition but am delighted that we have been able to agree a new Lib Dem administration.

“Faced with rising costs and reduced government funding and support, we face a challenging year ahead. We must balance the books, while we continue to support the most vulnerable and invest in our great city. We will do that working as closely as we can, with every party and our partners, to get the best possible way ahead.

“The people we serve rightly expect us to continue to help the most vulnerable through the cost-of-living crisis, to respond to the climate emergency, to continue with the long-term transformation of the city. They can be assured that we will do all we can in a spirit of openness and constructive engagement to ensure that the city of Colchester is the best it can be and a great place to live, work and visit.”

All positions for committees will be confirmed in the coming days.

Page last reviewed: 25 May 2023


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