Colchester Museums collaborate with the Colchester FoodBank

PUBLISHED: 22 May 2019

Date issued: 22 May 2019

A new exhibition at Colchester’s Natural History Museum has opened in partnership with the Colchester Foodbank. The exhibition, entitled Visual Feast, will be on display throughout the summer and autumn, the key harvest periods of the year.

Displaying historical objects relating to harvest time and harvest festival, visitors can find out more about this important period of the year and the role that the Colchester Foodbank plays in supporting the local community.

Items from Colchester Museums’ collections will be on display, including an 1800’s ploughman’s smock worn by people working on the land during the Victorian period. Other items on display include a ‘Harvest Horn’, originally used to call in those working in the fields for meal times.

Alongside historical objects, the contents of a typical Colchester foodbank parcel will also be on display, allowing visitors to see what the service provides for local individuals and families that are in need.

Councillor Julie Young, Deputy Leader of the Council and Portfolio Holder for Business and Culture, said: “With more and more people now living below the poverty line, Visual Feast will help spread the word about the vital work the Colchester Foodbank plays in supporting local Colcestrians in need, as well as educating the next generation about health, nutrition and where their everyday food products come from.

“Colchester Museums are delighted to be lending their support to this local organisation and would like to encourage as many people as possible to visit the Natural History Museum and show their support.”

Michael Beckett, CEO of Colchester Foodbank added: We are delighted to be partnering with Colchester Museums to bring this exhibition to the people of Colchester.

“Our vision is to help people in crisis in the local community and we rely heavily on donations, so working with Colchester Museums will help to raise our profile and help educate the younger generation about nutrition and the food our bodies need to survive and thrive.”

Visual Feast runs from 21 May until the 17 November at the Natural History Museum.

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