25% off manicures and pedicures at Aqua Springs spa

PUBLISHED: 1 May 2019

Date published: 1 May 2019

With such a great discount offer, you can treat yourself to great nails this May at a fraction of the price at Aqua Springs spa, Colchester.

From 1 to 31 May, anyone who books a manicure, pedicure or Gelcolor at Aqua Springs will get 25% off.

Aqua Springs provides a range of hand and foot treatments at all levels of luxury. For this 25% Off special offer, choose either a Spa or Luxury Manicure or Pedicure (normally £30-36 each) or OPI Gelcolor Polish (normally £27.50) to treat your nails, combat the effects of winter and get summer ready!

For more information, visit www.aqua-springs.co.uk/special-offers or book your manicure or pedicure on 01206 282100.

Page last reviewed: 1 May 2019


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