Ensure you’re registered and ready to vote in the May elections!

PUBLISHED: 21 March 2024

Colchester residents are urged to check their information to ensure it is up-to-date on the electoral register and to prepare for the upcoming elections on 2 May.

Here’s what you need to know: Everyone aged 18 or over must be registered to vote. If you haven’t registered yet, do so by Tuesday, 16 April. It’s quick and easy online at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote.
Look out for your polling card – it will be sent on Monday, 25 March, and confirms your polling station location. You don’t need to register again if you receive one. To vote in person, you can visit your polling station on Thursday, 2 May. This is the easiest way to vote.

Anyone who is registered but unable to cast their vote at their polling station should apply for a postal vote or a proxy vote.

New rules are in place for postal voting. You’ll need to reapply every three years, even if you’re currently registered for postal votes. The deadline to apply is 5pm Wednesday, 17 April. Apply online at www.colchester.gov.uk/elections/postalvote.

Apply for a proxy vote if you have a medical condition or disability that prevents you from voting, or if you won’t be in the UK on election day. You can appoint someone to vote on your behalf. The deadline to apply is 5pm Wednesday, 24 April. Apply online at www.colchester.gov.uk/elections/proxyvote. As a proxy, there are now limits to how many people you can vote on behalf of.

You now need to show photographic ID to vote in person. Accepted forms include passports, drivers’ licenses, and some concessionary travel passes. See the full list and apply for free ID if needed at https://voter-authority-certificate.service.gov.uk/.

Pam Donnelly, Colchester City Council’s Returning Officer, said: “Make sure you’re registered, check if you need a postal or proxy vote, and bring your photo ID to vote in May. Every vote matters, so have your say on important local issues!"

Important dates:
  • Monday, 25 March: Polling cards sent out.
  • Tuesday, 16 April: Deadline to register to vote.
  • 5pm Wednesday, 17 April: Deadline to apply for a postal vote.
  • 5pm Wednesday, 24 April: Deadline to apply for a proxy vote.
  • Thursday, 2 May: Local elections and Police, Fire, and Crime Commissioner elections take place.
Visit www.colchester.gov.uk/elections for information on polling stations, wards, and the voting process. Get informed and vote! Make sure you’re ready to vote and have your say in shaping Colchester’s future!

Page last reviewed: 21 March 2024


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