Local people invited to take part in Colchester Residents’ Panel Workshops

PUBLISHED: 15 March 2024

Colchester City Council is holding two Residents’ Panel Workshops in the coming weeks, which will explore the proposed plans for the iconic Jumbo Water Tower, a key regeneration project for the city centre, and the Local Plan Review Consultation.

Over 280 people have already been recruited from across the City of Colchester to join the panel of local people. Members take part in a rolling programme of research and consultation including regular meetings, surveys, focus groups and workshops, all aimed to help shape future developments and improve the council’s services.

The first in-person workshops are being held in March, in partnership with North Essex Heritage, and will explore the visionary plans for Jumbo and seek residents’ input on engagement priorities and strategies to enhance public connections with this historic landmark.

Simon Hall, MBE DL, Chair of North Essex Heritage said: “We can’t wait to hear what the members of the Residents’ Panel think about our emerging plans for Jumbo. We are talking to diverse groups across the city, and it is exciting to get ideas from everyone interested in Colchester and its future.”

The Local Plan Review Engagement and Consultation workshop will take place in late-March and the council is calling on residents, aged 18 and over, to become members of the Panel and take part in shaping this vital planning document for the City of Colchester.

The Local Plan serves as the strategic framework that guides the growth and development of Colchester. It addresses crucial aspects such as housing, infrastructure, and environmental considerations. The panel will look at the evolving needs and aspirations of Colchester’s many communities sharing their insight into what things they enjoy best about the city as a place, what the most important opportunities will be by looking ahead to 2041 and what things would they most like Colchester to be known for in 2041.

Feedback and comments from all the panel activity is fed back to decision-makers within Colchester City Council, to assist them when shaping projects and making final decisions.

Cllr David King, Leader of Colchester City Council, said: “The Residents’ Panel gives a voice to members of our community of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to contribute from their perspectives and ideas to help build an inclusive and vibrant city for generations to come.

“We thank those that have come forward and welcome others with a passion for better, to help us create an inclusive and innovative city, which meets the needs of residents, both now and in the future.”

The Panel is open to all residents in Colchester, aged 18 and over. Panel members are not required to have any prior knowledge or expertise to join, and members of minority groups are encouraged.

Find out more or sign up to be a Resident’s Panel member on the council’s website www.colchester.gov.uk/residents-panel  or email residents.panel@colchester.gov.uk.


Page last reviewed: 15 March 2024


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