Raising the flag for unity: Colchester joins global Commonwealth Day celebrations

PUBLISHED: 6 March 2024

Date issued: 6 March 2024 

Colchester City Council is once again flying the flag for Commonwealth Day on Monday, 11 March 2024. 

Colchester will join Heads of State and Prime Ministers, Lord Mayors and Mayors, students, Girl Guides and Scouts, Sea, Army and Air Cadets, charities, community groups, Commonwealth ex-servicemen, and many others around the world, to raise Commonwealth Flags at 10am local time. 

Colchester’s ceremony will see the Mayor, Cllr John Jowers, read out a specially written Commonwealth Affirmation in the company of invited guests and the public.  

This year’s Commonwealth Day will centre around the theme for the forthcoming Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting – One Resilient Common Future – which highlights how the 56 Commonwealth nations must harness their strengths by building resilience, unlocking potential, leveraging the 'Commonwealth Advantage' and fostering a connected, digital Commonwealth. This transformation is vital to ensure a resilient common future where no one is left behind. 

The Mayor of Colchester said: “We raise the Commonwealth flag not just as a symbol of nations united, but as a beacon of hope for a resilient future. The theme of this year's Commonwealth Day, 'One Resilient Common Future,' reminds us that while the world faces challenges, our shared values and collaborative spirit can lead us through. 

Here in Colchester, we join hands with the 55 other member states, recognising the strength in our diversity. From our shared history to our common pursuit of peace and prosperity, the Commonwealth provides a platform for connection and collaboration. 

This year, let us celebrate not just our differences, but the threads that weave us together. Let us build bridges of understanding, unlock our collective potential, and embrace the unique benefits of our interconnectedness. 

So, please join me, not just in raising the flag, but in raising our aspirations for a future where cooperation triumphs over conflict and where diversity fuels innovation. Let us make Colchester a shining example of the Commonwealth spirit, and together, build a world where hope and resilience blossom. 

Commonwealth Day 2024 will be celebrated nationwide with activities including debates, school assemblies, flag-raising ceremonies, street parties, cultural events and a multicultural, multifaith service at Westminster Abbey in London.  

For more information, visit www.thecommonwealth.org/commonwealth-day 

Page last reviewed: 6 March 2024


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