No changes to bin collections over Easter

PUBLISHED: 29 March 2021

Recycling will continue to be easy this Easter with no changes to collection days over Easter, including Good Friday. All collections will take place as normal.

Here are our five top tips to an eco-friendlier Easter…

  1. Easter egg packaging
    The good news is that cardboard boxes can be put straight into your paper/cardboard clear recycling bag. The firm plastic inserts - used to display and to protect the egg - can also be recycled. Please separate them from the box before you place it in your plastic clear recycling bag. Put these out for collection on a Green Week.

  2. Flatten it
    Remember to flatten boxes to create space in your clear recycling bag.

  3. Foil
    Once you have eaten the chocolate eggs, the aluminium foil wrappers can be put into your can/tin recycling box. Just make sure it is clean before you put it in and just loosely scrunched. Put this out for collection on a Blue Week.

  4. Food waste
    All cooked and uncooked food waste can be included in your food waste caddy for your weekly collection.

  5. Garden waste
    If you are planning on enjoying some time in the garden over the long weekend, compost as much of it as you can at home or use your bin/sack to recycle your garden waste on a Green Week. Find out more about composting here.

Residents are also being asked to be mindful of the single-use plastics that they purchase and use over the Easter period, particularly plastic wrapping, film and bags which cannot be recycled through kerbside collections.  

For further information about recycling and rubbish, please visit

To download the new 2021/22 Recycling Calendar, visit

Page last reviewed: 29 March 2021


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