Explore and enjoy Colchester Castle in a relaxed setting

PUBLISHED: 28 March 2019

Date issued: 28 March 2019

Colchester Castle’s next relaxed opening session will take place on Sunday 7 April, 2019.

The Castle’s new relaxed sessions are specifically designed to make the large museum space a less challenging space for visitors with Autism Spectrum Disorder – although many more people may simply enjoy a quieter and more relaxed environment in which to enjoy the Castle’s collections.

During the session, which will run from 10-12pm, sensory stimulations will be kept to a minimum across the museum’s galleries, including all audio and visuals, the automatic doors at the entrance, hand dryers in the toilets and vending machines, which will all be disabled for the duration of the session.

Colchester Castle is committed to creating a more calming and welcoming atmosphere for its visitors and will be creating a calm seating area in the entrance to the Crypt and a sensory area in the Lucas Vault, for visitors to take a quiet break.

As a supporter of Autism Awareness Week, which takes place nationally from the 1-7 April, the Castle plans to continue to run these relaxed sessions on the first Sunday of every month. The relaxed sessions also support the aims of livewell Colchester, a campaign which helps to support Colchester residents to improve their physical and mental wellbeing.

Normal admission charges will apply for the relaxed sessions and concessions will be available to families eligible for Pupil Premium (£2 per child). Each session will have a maximum of 60 people.

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