Statement re. Umbrella Installation in Sir Isaac’s Walk

PUBLISHED: 19 March 2019

Date issued: 19 March 2019

Due to unforeseen issues that have been identified by the contractors putting up the temporary umbrella installation at Sir Isaac’s Walk, we regrettably are unable to proceed with installing the display this week as planned.

It is vital that any installation is carried out properly and safely. Despite numerous site visits, only yesterday (18 March 2019) did the contractors raise concerns regarding the suitability of the buildings which the installation was to have been fixed to.

This has meant that the decision not to proceed with the installation has been taken out of our hands and we are disappointed that these issues have only been raised at this late stage.

We remain committed to delivering this scheme as a part of our Better Colchester campaign to make the borough an even better place to live, work in and visit. We are working to find a new location to ensure this installation happens for Colchester.

Page last reviewed: 19 March 2019


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