Give your views on changes to Polling Districts and Polling Places

PUBLISHED: 4 March 2019

Date issued: 4 March 2019

Colchester Borough Council is today (4 March 2019) launching a six-week online public consultation about the suitability of Polling Districts and Polling Places in the borough.

Views are being sought from borough councillors, parish councils, accessibility groups and residents about whether the areas and venues where residents go to vote in elections are suitable. A number of factors are considered when assessing the suitability of these including accessibility and the number of electors per area.

The online public consultation will run from 4 March to 15 April, during which residents can visit to view the proposed changes and feedback on the consultation.

Results of the consultation will go the council's Governance and Audit Committee in June, who will agree final proposals and make recommendations to July’s Full Council meeting.

Any changes to Polling Districts and Polling Places which come about as a result of the review will come into force in December and will be implemented for the first time at the Borough Council elections in May 2020.

Adrian Pritchard, Colchester Borough Council's Chief Executive and Returning Officer for Elections, said: “It’s important that Polling Districts and Polling Places work for everyone in the borough and this consultation is an important opportunity for them to have their say on the locations and places used for voting for next year's local elections and beyond.”

The council is required to carry out a review of its local Polling Districts and Places every five years and this last took place in 2015.

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