Colchester Borough Council's Cabinet objects to National Grid's plans

PUBLISHED: 28 June 2022

Colchester Borough Council's Cabinet objects to National Grid's plans for a high voltage line from Norwich to Tilbury in Essex, and have issued the following statement along with a formal response as part of the consultation process...

Cllr David King, Leader of Colchester Borough Council, said: “This proposal is causing deep concern to many residents, especially in north Colchester where the impact will be greatest.

“We of course welcome the increase in renewable energy; however, the proposed onshore plans would mean large pylons dominating our landscape, having a negative impact on our countryside and biodiversity.

“I want to be clear. We share those concerns. This is a completely unacceptable and lazy proposal by National Grid. Lacking evidence or costing or alternatives.

“Greater thought and protection must be included for our beautiful countryside and biodiversity.

“We have submitted a full consultation response from the council and stand by our objections. We want them to start afresh and ask that an offshore proposal be developed as a better less intrusive option.”

Cllr Andrea Luxford Vaughan, Portfolio Holder for Planning & Infrastructure at Colchester Borough Council, said: “The adverse impact of the proposed scheme on our landscape and local amenity is huge. It is unacceptable to construct an entirely separate line of pylons west of the existing corridor and National Grid need to listen to the concerns that our residents and the experts in our planning team.

“A robust evidence-based justification of the design approach is completely missing from the proposals and whilst the section in the Dedham Vale is proposed to be laid underground, the impact of this is still significant. More research is also needed into the health side effects of the electromagnetic fields created by these cables.

“I, alongside my fellow Cabinet members, remain deeply concerned about this proposal. National Grid need to go back to the drawing board and look at an offshore option that will protect our rural communities.”

The council's formal response can be viewed here.


Page last reviewed: 28 June 2022


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