Clear recycling bag deliveries

PUBLISHED: 10 June 2022

The annual clear recycling bag delivery across Colchester will be starting from Monday 11 July. Each of the 75,000 households that receives a kerbside bin collection will receive one roll of 62 clear bags for recycling paper and plastics.

The roll of clear bags will be delivered between Monday 11 July and Monday 25 July. Residents are asked to note that the bags may not be delivered on their normal collection day.

Useful information about recycling can be found on the council’s website, and includes: 
  • View your 2022 recycling calendar
  • Check your collection day
  • What can and can’t be recycled
  • Tips on how to reduce your waste
Residents who have not had a delivery of clear bags by the 26 July, and need replacement bags, will be able to order a roll on the council’s website and collect from a local stockist

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Page last reviewed: 10 June 2022


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