Leisure World Colchester puts plans in place to stay open during national chlorine shortage

PUBLISHED: 9 June 2022

Due to a countrywide chlorine shortage, Leisure World Colchester is making some proactive, temporary, changes to its fitness and teaching-pool timetables.

These changes will ensure the venue can continue to offer access to a range of classes and sessions, whilst prolonging chlorine supplies and helping to prevent the chance of further changes needing to be made.
The fitness and teaching pools will now be closed to the public on the following dates:
  • Saturday 11 June
  • Sunday 12 June
  • Wednesday 15 June
  • Friday 17 June
  • Saturday 18 June
  • Sunday 19 June
  • Wednesday 22 June
Swimming lessonsschool and club sessions on these days will be running as normal. The Leisure Pool and Aqua Springs spa, which operate using a different type of chemical dosing system, are currently unaffected by the shortage and will remain open as per their normal opening hours. 

The national chlorine shortage has been attributed to several factors, including a temporarily reduced supply in the UK, a backlog coming from China’s supply chain caused by Covid, a significant fire in a US chemical plant in late 2020, and worldwide transportation issues. 

To help manage chlorine supplies Leisure World is asking users of the pool to continue to ensure they shower before entering the water and follow the barefoot policy by removing outdoor footwear when in changing rooms or poolside. 

Cllr Adam Fox, Deputy Leader of Colchester Borough Council, said: “Due to the national chlorine shortage, we have put in place some proactive measures to ensure people can continue to access our swimming facilities and sessions. We know that many other swimming pools across the country are having to close, and by acting now we can prolong our chlorine supplies and continue to offer sessions and classes for all demographics across our wide range of swimming facilities.

“We are monitoring our supplies closely and are in contact with our chemical suppliers to ensure we are in the best place possible to keep services operating.

“If we experience further delays to deliveries, we will continue to do everything we can to ensure we keep all services operational, although this may involve further changes to timetables across our offering.”

Page last reviewed: 9 June 2022


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