New Deputy Mayor of Colchester takes office

PUBLISHED: 3 June 2020

Date issued: 3 June 2020

With Colchester’s civic events on hold due to Covid-19, the annual Mayor Making ceremony was due to have been held at Moot Hall last week (27 May 2020). 

Instead, and in a break with tradition, the ceremony to swear in Colchester’s new Deputy Mayor, Cllr Robert Davidson, and Deputy Mayoress Elizabeth Davidson took place at their Peldon home, when Town Serjeant Paul Lind presented them with their badges of office.

Deputy Mayor, Cllr Robert Davidson, said: “My wife and I are honoured to help represent Colchester during this unsettling pandemic, which has highlighted how many of us have relied on our key workers and volunteers to keep us safe.

“We look forward to the good work we can achieve in the months to come and wish Councillor Beverly Oxford well after she had to withdraw as Deputy Mayor.”

Being unable to attend the ceremony, Mayor Nick Cope welcomed Cllr Davidson into office with the following pre-recorded message...

The revised Mayor Making schedule means Councillor Nick Cope will remain as Mayor for the 2020-2021 Municipal Year and will look to hand over the Mayoralty to Cllr Davidson during the Full Council meeting on 21 October 2020, prior to the next scheduled Annual Meeting on 26 May 2021. With Councillor Cope happy to endorse the extension of his Mayoralty by six months, Councillor Davidson’s Mayoralty will now commence from the 21 October 2020 meeting and end at the May 2022 Annual Meeting.

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