City Centre Masterplan Reflects Community Feedback

PUBLISHED: 10 July 2023

Date published: 10 July 2023 


A plan to create a well-connected, health, green, and carbon conscious Colchester city centre has been published by Colchester City Council and Essex County Council. 


The draft Colchester City Centre Masterplan sets out a clear vision for the future development of Colchester city centre for years to come and has been developed following feedback from local people 


To test these ideas, Colchester City Council and Essex County Council - working in partnership as Team Colchester - are seeking feedback on the Masterplan from people across the city via the Colchester City Centre consultation, which is open until 31 July 2023. 


The proposed plan has placed the voice of the community at its core. It takes into account the invaluable input of residents and the expert consultation work conducted by We Made That, a renowned local urban design consultancy.  


Over the past year, 2,000 residents participated in surveys, workshops, and public forums to share their hopes, dreams, and aspirations for the city centre - ensuring it truly reflects the needs of Colchester's diverse population. 


Feedback from residents and stakeholders shaped the key objectives of the plan, which are to: 

  • support local businesses;  
  • celebrate Colchester’s unique heritage; 
  • encourage sustainable living in the city centre;  
  • reduce carbon emissions and
  • improve healthy lifestyle options for people living, working in and visiting the area.

Cllr David King, Leader of Colchester City Council, said: “Colchester's City Centre Masterplan represents an exciting opportunity to reimagine the heart of our city. The draft Masterplan as a guiding framework for the future, reflects the hopes and aspirations of those that have taken part in the engagement activities so far. This consultation is an opportunity for us to test whether we have captured what those 2,000 residents have said matters most.  

As we move forward, Team Colchester will work closely with partners, residents, businesses to ensure the successful implementation of the Masterplan. Together, we will create a city centre that reflects the aspirations of our community, respects our heritage, and makes Colchester a better place to live, work and visit 


Work is already underway on the significant investment to regenerate and improve St Botolph’s Circus roundabout, an important gateway into the city centre. Plans for the new layout are available to view and feedback on as part of this City Centre consultation. 


Cllr Kevin Bentley, Leader of Essex County Council, said: “This is a golden age for Colchester and a chance for us all to take part in planning our future, the future of our children, and those yet to be born.  


“This Masterplan has been designed after hearing views of many people across the city. Now it is for everyone to have their ideas incorporated. Colchester has an incredible history and now it’s your chance to be part of its future.” 


Residents of Colchester can feed back on the Masterplan and St Botolph’s Circus plans online or at the in-person events listed below: 

  • Online: visit 

  • In person: see plans and talk to representatives from Colchester City Council and Essex County Council: 
    - 17 July, 2pm-8pm, St Botolph’s Church, Colchester 

For further information and investment in Colchester city centre, visit 
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Page last reviewed: 10 July 2023


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