Leisure Pool at Leisure World now available to book online!

PUBLISHED: 8 July 2022

Leisure World Colchester has introduced a new online booking system for the leisure pool, making it much easier for families to plan their visit.

Visitors to Leisure World Colchester wanting to use the leisure pool should now book their leisure pool slot online via the Leisure World website. The new online booking system means visitors book and pay for their visit, and also purchase essential items such as goggles, swim nappies and padlocks for lockers, prior to arriving on site.

Visitors will simply need to set-up an account via the website and will be able to amend booking dates and times up to 48 hours before original booking. Being able to plan a visit ahead of time and see when time slots are available means people can avoid queuing on arrival and facing potential disappointment and waiting times when the pool is at capacity.

Fitness Pool public swim sessions are not available to book via the online bookings system, and therefore tickets for these sessions can still be purchased upon arrival.

Cllr Adam Fox, Deputy Leader of the Council, said: “The iconic leisure pool at Leisure World Colchester is a popular destination for families wanting a fun day out. Since the pandemic, online booking for activities across all sectors has become a way of life and we are delighted our customers will now book one of our most popular activities in this way.

With the Summer Holidays fast approaching, this new system means people book their visit in advance, avoid queuing, and make a trip to Leisure World a fun and stress-free day out.”

Visitors will now also need a combination padlock to use the Leisure Pool lockers. These can be purchased at the time of booking, or visitors can bring their own combination padlock (these must not be key-operated padlocks, as keys will not be allowed in the pools). Padlocks must fit through an internal diameter of 9mm on the Hasp and Clasp ‘ring’.

To book your visit for Monday 11 July onwards, go to The Leisure Pool - Leisure World. For more information, please see Frequently Asked Questions.

Page last reviewed: 8 July 2022


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