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PUBLISHED: 12 July 2019

Date issued: 12 July 2019

Residents are invited to take part in an online survey and public engagement event, to help make Colchester a better place to live, work in and visit.

From the 12 to 26 July, the Policy and Public Initiatives Panel will be seeking residents’ views, via an ONLINE SURVEY, on what issues it should investigate as part of its work in the coming year.

The survey also provides an opportunity for members of the public to confirm their attendance at the 25 September meeting of the Panel, when they will be able to pitch their ideas for consideration.

The Panel will then recommend to the Cabinet those ideas it believes should be taken further and potentially put into practice to help improve the borough.

The Policy and Public Initiatives Panel, which was set up by the Leader of the Progressive Alliance, Cllr Mark Cory, in May 2018, operates as a Committee of Cabinet. One of its main roles is to listen to ideas from the public about improving our town.

Cllr Phil Coleman, Chairman of the Policy and Public Initiatives Panel, said: “I would like to invite everyone with ideas about the future of our borough to complete our ONLINE SURVEY and also come along to September’s meeting of the Panel.

“We all want to see a Better Colchester and your views can help us to achieve it. The Policy and Public Initiatives Panel is an excellent channel for councillors, residents and other organisations to come together to help deliver on our ambition to make Colchester an even better place to live, to work in and to visit.”

The Panel’s public meeting will take place at 6pm, on Wednesday 25 September, at Colchester Town Hall.

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