It’s easy to confirm or update online to stay registered to vote

PUBLISHED: 27 July 2018

Residents are being urged to reply online by Monday 3 September to the mail out taking place this summer, checking whether everyone eligible is still registered to vote.


All the borough’s households will receive a Household Enquiry Form letter from Colchester Borough Council, from 3 August 2018. 


The majority of residents will simply need to use the security code shown to confirm online at, calling the automated phone line on 0800 197 9871, or text NOCHANGE on 80212 to confirm the details of everyone over the age of 16 living at the address. 


All new members of a household will need to be added to the online voter Register. Any household that needs to update details or add a new occupant, including anyone recently turned 16, can do this at the same website:


Each year the Electoral Registration Officer must conduct an annual canvass to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the Electoral Register.


Being on the Register ensures residents can have their say in local and national elections. It is also important when applying for credit, a mortgage or mobile phone contract, as agencies use the Register to confirm applicants’ details.


Residents looking to improve their digital skills or who need help to go online, including confirming or updating their registration details, can attend support events taking place in communities borough-wide, which are listed at 


Colchester Borough Council’s Electoral Registration Officer, Adrian Pritchard, said: “I would urge residents to complete the quick-and-easy confirmation process and update their household’s details online at


“It is important to remember that you do need to confirm your details every year. Being on the Register isn’t just about your right to vote – a vital as that is – but it can also help streamline applications for credit, a mortgage or mobile phone contracts.


“So I would encourage you to make sure you remain eligible to vote and, when the time comes, exercise your right to vote in future elections – as those elected will make decisions that will affect you and your lives.”

Page last reviewed: 27 July 2018


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