Exciting mini museum sessions at Natural History Museum return: unleashing curiosity and learning for young explorers

PUBLISHED: 15 February 2024

Colchester Museums is thrilled to announce the return of its Mini Museum Explorer sessions at Colchester’s Natural History Museum.

The monthly sessions, taking place on the last Tuesday of the month, are specifically designed to engage young children aged two-and-a-half to four, along with their parents, grandparents, and carers, in an immersive journey of discovery. Each one-hour session is just £3, offering an affordable and valuable experience for families.

In the upcoming February session, we will be diving into the captivating world of rocks, fossils, and dinosaurs. This theme promises to ignite young imaginations and unlock the secrets of prehistoric wonders.

These sessions offer a unique opportunity for children and their caregivers to explore the Natural History Museum and its displays together, creating moments of bonding, learning, and play. Through a carefully curated mix of storytelling, interactive play, craft activities, and science exploration, we aim to stimulate development, encourage communication, and nurture curiosity about the world around us.

Councillor Cllr Michelle Burrows, Portfolio Holder for Leisure, Culture and Heritage, said: “Learning starts early, and these sessions are specifically designed for younger years are a great learning tool that offers personalised attention and engagement and bags of fun for everyone! I’d urge anyone to join in, make new friends and enjoy the surroundings of the Natural History Museum.”

Please note that parents and carers must accompany their children throughout the sessions to ensure their safety and engagement.

Join us for an unforgettable adventure at our first session back as we ignite the spark of an enduring love for learning, exploration, and curiosity.

Secure your spot today by calling 01206 282 941 or visiting our website at www.colchester.cimuseums.org.uk/events

Page last reviewed: 15 February 2024


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