Renovation works in St Mary’s Car Park

PUBLISHED: 25 February 2022

Residents and visitors to Colchester can now enjoy a refreshed look, improved parking experience and extra blue badge holder parking on the ground floor of St. Mary’s car park.

Colchester Borough Council has today (25 February 2022) unveiled the works as part of a larger investment project to improve the car park for customers.

The car park now boasts wider entrance and exit lanes, with a new welcome mat. The ground floor parking bays have also been widened and a fresh coat of paint applied to brighten up the walls and pillars.

Two extra-wide blue badge holder bays have also been added to increase the provision for disabled parking in the town centre.

The upgrade is in response to the increasing size of modern vehicles. St. Mary’s car park was built in the late 1970s, when cars were significantly smaller. The works will make the car park easier to use and more accessible for residents and visitors.

Cllr Simon Crow, Colchester Borough Council Portfolio Holder for Environment & Sustainability, said: “It’s great to see how the new bays have refreshed the look of the car park, and widening them will make it so much easier for residents and visitors to park with larger cars.

“The bollards used to make it a tight squeeze to enter and exit the car park, so I’m glad much easier access can now be enjoyed with a modernised look.

“We are looking at funding options to extend the bay widening throughout St Mary’s and other council car parks. It’s important that our car park facilities provide a positive parking experience for all our customers.”

The success of the scheme will be reviewed and further improvements, such as additional repainting works and bay widening in other car parks, will be considered.

Pictured: Cllr Crow in one of the new, wider parking bays

Page last reviewed: 25 February 2022


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