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Have your say on improving Greenstead

PUBLISHED: 7 February 2022

Greenstead residents will be consulted on what’s good about their area and how it could be made better, in a new survey.

The Government awarded Colchester £19.2 million as part of the ‘Towns Fund’ in 2021 – £6m of which has been earmarked to make improvements in the Greenstead area.

A project called ‘Heart of Greenstead’ has been set up to ask local people how they think this money should be spent. A public consultation and survey have been launched today, so the community can share their views.

Heart of Greenstead is being developed by the ‘We are Colchester’ Partnership. The Partnership was formed in 2020 and is made up of a number of diverse local stakeholders. These organisations have been working together to push forward dynamic initiatives, which support inclusive economic growth, connectivity and improve quality of life in Colchester.

Chair of the ‘We are Colchester’ Board, Simon Blaxill, said: “It’s important that Greenstead residents let us know what matters most to them. This funding could be a great opportunity to make the improvements they’d like to see in their local community, so I would encourage them to fill out the quick survey.”

It is hoped the government will give final sign-off on this funding in the summer. At this stage, there are no confirmed plans or designs in place. However, if the funding bid is successful, the scheme could include updated community facilities and up to 139 new or refurbished homes.

Leader of Colchester Borough Council, Councillor Paul Dundas, said: “This is an exciting project for Greenstead, but to be successful it has to be developed with the community rather than have anything imposed. So, we would like local people to share their thoughts and ideas to help us understand feelings towards the overall scheme, to ensure we get a plan everyone can get behind.”

Pam Green, Chief Operating Officer, North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group, added: “Along with Colchester Borough Council, we are keen to hear any ideas for improvements that the people of Greenstead would like to put forward.

“North East Essex CCG is looking to obtain funding to modernise the GP surgery in ‘The Centre’ and public engagement will take place in collaboration with the council and other partners.

“We really want to hear people’s views and work with local people to create better services to support their health and wellbeing.”

A Community Taskforce is set to be formed to support the project. The group will meet monthly at the Community Centre to discuss the proposed scheme and act as a representative group for the community. All are welcome.

To find out how to join the group or to fill out the survey, please visit:

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