Major green project at council HQ

PUBLISHED: 17 February 2021

Date issued: 17 February 2021

Plans to significantly reduce the council’s carbon footprint have taken a leap forward, thanks to a £527K grant from the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme to install a state-of-the-art heating system and new LED lighting in Rowan House.
Central to the project is an energy-efficient air source heat pump powered by electricity, which will replace the current boiler and has a much lower carbon footprint than gas. This will be combined with a mechanical ventilation and heat recovery system that improves ventilation and uses warm air from inside the building to pre-heat cooler air entering from the outside.
Energy-efficient LEDs will help reduce electricity consumption associated with lighting and extra roof insulation will also be installed to reduce heat loss – while a new building management system will provide a constant temperature and help ensure the air source heat pump is used efficiently.
It is expected the new heating system will save an estimated 108.7 tonnes of CO2e and the LED lighting 30.9 tonnes of CO2e, per annum.
The works mark another significant contribution to the council’s commitment to tackling the climate challenge, encouraging green technologies and ensuring the council’s assets are used effectively.
Cllr David King, Portfolio Holder for Business and Resources, said: “Our Climate Emergency pledge commits the council to do all it can reduce its carbon footprint, as well as to use our buildings and estates well. It is great news that we have successfully made the case for government funds that will help us finalise plans to modernise this building.
“As a council we are fully committed to meeting, and where possible exceeding, our environmental obligations and have already embraced progressive, award-winning policies to help minimise our impact on climate change and the wider environment. Decarbonising Rowan House will bring a significant reduction in our CO2 emissions and another significant step towards being carbon neutral by 2030.
Prior to the pandemic, plans were already being developed to transform a tired building in need of investment. With most staff based there now working almost exclusively from home, we can take the changes further. We aim to deliver a modern working environment, fit for flexible working and, in addition to energy savings, to reduce our costs and requirements for office space and invite other public sector partners in to deliver essential services to residents better, together.”


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