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Reassurances made to councillors over budget figures

After the budget was formally approved

Date issued: 20 February 2020

Concerns about the numerical accuracy of Colchester Borough Council’s 2020-21 budget have been addressed in a letter sent to councillors.

Points raised during the meeting of the Full Council on 13 February, regarding several discrepancies with financial figures, have been acknowledged and clarified by the council’s Section 151 officer after the budget was formally approved.

Members have since received assurances that the matters raised were to do with the rounding up of some numbers and minor mistyped figures but were not a material factor in the budget debate and none of the issues affect the correctness of the budget resolution. The revenue budget, as presented to and formally approved by Full Council, was therefore correct.

Cllr David King, Portfolio Holder for Business and Resources, said: “I welcome the independent confirmation that the figures in this year’s revenue budget present an accurate picture of our spending plans.

“I also welcome the interest of members in both the budget detail and in our spending and improvement plans for Colchester. I look forward to their further views as our plans are refined and as additional amendments are made to the budget.” 

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