Colchester Council Leader to drive forward Hythe Task Force Group

PUBLISHED: 20 December 2023

The Leader of Colchester City Council, Cllr David King, has agreed to Chair the Hythe Task Force that was set up by Will Quince MP in May 2021. This has met thirteen times since, with Essex County Council, Anglian Water and local councillors in attendance. 


Councillor King said: The responsibility and expertise sits with Anglian Water as the water authority and Essex County Council as the lead local flood authority and highways authority. We cannot undertake or commission work where they, and not us, have the authority to act. Adding, But this is our city, and we accept a responsibility to help our partners scope what must be done, to contribute if we can, and to get things moving in the new year.  


Councillor King thanked local councillors for their support and Mr Quince for all his efforts and welcomed his continued involvement in the Task Force.    


Mr Quince said: I originally established the Hythe Task Force to identify, fund and implement solutions to this decades old issue which has impacted and continues to impact local residents and businesses. Although considerable exploratory work has been undertaken and potential solutions identified, the issue of the flooding at Haven Road has not yet been resolved.  


As many will be aware, this year I made the difficult decision not to stand as Colchester’s Conservative Parliamentary Candidate at the next general election and as a result will not be able to chair the Hythe Taskforce in the future. I am sure Cllr King will make an excellent Chair and I look forward to continuing to work closely with him and others to find a solution to this long-standing issue.” 


The Task Force is expected to meet again in early 2024. To agree on remedial works likely to include a new 'duck valve' that could reduce high tide flooding, and further studies into short- and longer-term flooding relief. 

Page last reviewed: 20 December 2023


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