Colchester Castle’s Gladiators exhibition must close on the 14 January – last chance to visit!

PUBLISHED: 18 December 2023

Time is running out to view Colchester Castle’s spectacular exhibition, Gladiators: A Day at the Roman Games before it close on the 14 January 2024. With the Christmas holidays approaching, why not take some time out with the family to escape to the Castle and enjoy a captivating journey back in time to Roman Colchester.

You’ll experience the awe-inspiring spectacle of gladiatorial combat, where warriors battled for glory and survival in the heart of Roman Colchester. The exhibition offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore the life and times of these legendary fighters, shedding light on deadly entertainment that captivated audiences for centuries.

This immersive exhibition features a stunning array of artefacts from all over the UK, including loans from The British Museum, lifelike reconstructions, and interactive displays that transport visitors to the heart of the action. Discover the intricate armour and weapons that adorned the gladiators, learn about their training regimens, and gain insight into the political and social dynamics that surrounded these iconic events.

Councillor Cllr Michelle Burrows, Portfolio Holder for Leisure, Culture and Heritage, said: “The holidays provide an excellent opportunity for families, friends, and history enthusiasts to come together and delve into the fascinating world of Roman Colchester. Gladiators: A Day at the Roman Games offers a unique blend of education and entertainment, making it the perfect destination for a memorable Christmas outing.”

Page last reviewed: 18 December 2023


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