Middle Mill Weir – update

PUBLISHED: 14 December 2023

In a collaborative effort, civil engineering contractors and representatives from Essex Highways and Colchester City Council convened at Middle Mill Weir on Wednesday morning, 13 December, to assess the current situation and devise a short-term plan aimed at preventing further erosion of the structure holding the old water wheel. This structure is integral to the footbridge, which is owned by Essex County Council (ECC).

The proposed short-term solution involves craning in one-tonne sacks, strategically placed around the remaining weir structure, to slow down any additional erosion that could compromise the integrity of the footbridge. Behind this, sandbags will be used for backfilling. The contractors are working on securing a crane for the task, with provisional plans set for next Tuesday (19 December) for material preparation and Wednesday (20 December) for the actual craning.

In anticipation of these works, the North East Essex Parking Partnership has been contacted, and parking is scheduled to be suspended along Middle Mill from Monday, 18 December, 6am until 6pm, on Friday, 22 December. This temporary suspension is essential to facilitate the necessary repairs and ensure the safety of the work environment.

ECC, the owner of the bridge, will await a period of drier weather to allow water levels to subside. This will allow for a comprehensive investigation and assessment of the structural damage and determine which components are salvageable.

Colchester City Council will then formulate a longer-term plan that considers the environmental health of the river, heritage impacts, any potential risks to physical infrastructure due to the change in river flow, and the impact on the local community including those who live upstream of the weir.

Councillor Martin Goss, Portfolio holder for Neighbourhoods and Waste, said: “While we address the immediate challenges at Middle Mill Weir, our commitment is rooted in ensuring the safety of our community and preserving our environment.”

Page last reviewed: 14 December 2023


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