Team’s tireless efforts recognised in Keep Britain Tidy awards

PUBLISHED: 14 December 2023

Colchester City Council’s Street Care and Safety Team has been recognised for its outstanding efforts in engaging the community and fostering a cleaner, more beautiful city. The team has been selected as a finalist for the Keep Britain Tidy Community Engagement Network Award 2024, a prestigious accolade that celebrates local environmental initiatives.

The nomination is a testament to the team’s dedication to mobilising the community and creating a collective impact. Their efforts have focused on enhancing the aesthetics of the city centre through “Neat Streets” initiatives, which collaborate with businesses to revitalise shop fronts and enhance the overall visual appeal of the area.

Additionally, the team has organised dynamic mini action days, bringing together local organisations, businesses, councillors, and community groups to tackle specific environmental concerns. These collaborative endeavours have resulted in tangible improvements, ranging from removing graffiti and improving untidy shop fronts, to toilet doors that need replacing and litter problems.

The team’s commitment to environmental stewardship also extends to novel approaches to reducing cigarette litter. Innovative “ballot bins” have recently been installed, transforming the disposal of cigarette butts into a fun and engaging activity. Additionally, the team participated in Keep Britain Tidy’s pilot “More Bins” project, strategically placing bucket bins outside pubs and clubs to specifically target cigarette litter. This initiative has proven highly effective in reducing cigarette litter in the city centre.

Cabinet member for Neighbourhoods and Waste, Cllr Martin Goss, commented on the team's achievement, saying: “I am immensely proud of the Street Care and Safety Team for their outstanding commitment to keeping our city centre clean and litter-free. Their dedication to engaging the community and fostering a culture of environmental responsibility is admirable. This nomination for the Keep Britain Tidy Community Engagement Award is a testament to their hard work and innovative approach.”

The Street Care and Safety Team has been shortlisted alongside the London Borough of Redbridge and Wakefield Council. The winner will be announced at an awards ceremony in York, on 29 February 2024.

Page last reviewed: 14 December 2023


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