Colchester City Council proposes modest Fees and Charges increases for 2024/25

PUBLISHED: 13 December 2023

Colchester City Council has proposed a modest rise to fees and charges for 2024/25. The proposed increases are in line with the prevailing rate of inflation and are necessary to help the council fund essential services, as it seeks to respond to the significant budget gap created by the coronavirus pandemic and cost of living crisis.

The council is committed to providing high-quality services to residents and businesses, and the proposed fee and charge increases will help to ensure that these services can continue to be delivered.

"We recognise that any increase in fees and charges can be a strain on residents and businesses, but it is essential that the council balances the books to provide all of the vital services," said Cllr Mark Cory, Portfolio Holder for Resources.

“Councils across the country are failing. Colchester City Council is not in the same place, because we have taken the tough decisions and spread the burden of costs. We have carefully considered the impact of these increases and have taken steps to ensure that they are fair and equitable and will not have a disproportionate impact on low-income households. These proposed increases are essential to maintain the high-quality services that our community depends on.”

In line with the council's commitment to financial transparency, the fee and charge proposals were subject to a thorough review by Ethical Consulting 18 months ago. The review found that the council was undercharging compared to other providers for a number of services.

In response to the Ethical Consulting review, the council has ensured that the new fees and charges are still competitive against other local authorities, while also being more flexible and dynamic. This will allow the council to respond to changing market conditions and ensure that it is always charging a fair price for its services.

The proposed increases will affect a range of services, including car parking, leisure facilities, and planning applications. However, the council has also proposed a number of discounts and exemptions to help those who are most in need.

Page last reviewed: 13 December 2023


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