Haven Road: public warned of potential flooding

PUBLISHED: 1 December 2021

The public is being advised to expect significant flooding along Haven Road later this week.

A combination of high tides and rainfall could see the road flood twice daily, from Thursday morning (2 December) through to Sunday, 5 December.

The warning comes after similar conditions combined at the end of October to cause severe flooding along the road, which runs between Colne Causeway and Whitehall Road.

Motorists are being urged to plan their journeys to take in alternative routes if necessary.

Flooding could occur an hour or more either side of the following peak times:
  • Thursday, 2 December: 9:48am and 10:25pm
  • Friday, 3 December: 10:41am and 11:14pm
  • Saturday, 4 December: 11:32am
  • Sunday, 5 December: 12:01am and 12:21pm
The cause of the flooding is complex and due to several factors, including inflowing water from the Bourne stream system via Distillery Pond, the duration the tide is above the level of Haven Road, and the limited capacity below road level for water to seep away. Heavy rainfall can further compound the problem and affect the frequency and severity of flooding.

The Hythe Taskforce, which was set up last May by MP Will Quince, comprises representatives from Colchester Borough Council, Essex County Council, Anglian Water and the Environment Agency, with the aim to identify and assist a solution to the ongoing problem of flooding on Haven Road, among other issues.

Whilst Haven Road may always be susceptible to flooding, the taskforce is working to explore lasting solutions to reduce the impact and disruption it causes, including the use of data and intelligent signage, going forward.

Cllr Simon Crow, Colchester Borough Council’s Portfolio Holder for Environment and Sustainability, said: “Unfortunately high tides and rainfall, which are forecast at the end of this week and into the weekend, could see further flooding along Haven Road and some potential disruption to residents, businesses and motorists.

“I would urge people to avoid the area during periods of high tide, when we can expect the flooding to be at its worst, and to use alternative routes if they possibly can.”

Page last reviewed: 1 December 2021


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