Colchester adds a bike donation day following huge success

PUBLISHED: 8 August 2022

Colchester Borough Council has added a day, Saturday 20 August 2022, for residents to donate their unused bikes, as part of 2022’s ongoing Community Cycle initiative.

In partnership with en-form, Colchester Anti-Loo Roll Brigade and Route 51 Cycle Project, Community Cycle is a scheme where residents can drop off unwanted bikes to collection points throughout Colchester. The bikes are then refurbished and gifted to local community groups or individuals most in need.

Residents can also visit any drop-off point for a free bike check with Dr Bike and for free cycling safety equipment, whether or not they have an unwanted bike to donate.

The project relaunched on 27 May 2022, at Wilkins & Sons Tiptree Jam factory, and has visited a further 10 locations, collecting 90 bicycles so far and beating last year’s total of 55 donations.

The bonus drop-off day will be at Boxted Community Hub, from 10am to 1pm. The final collection points will be on offer on Friday 26 August, 11am to 3.30pm, at Kingsland Church holiday club and Saturday 3 September, 11am to 5.30pm, at the Eco Festival in Lower Caste Park, Colchester.

The Anti-Loo Roll Brigade will also be offering another collection day for people who are unable to get to one of the donation points. More details will be announced on their social media channels.

Cllr Julie Young, Colchester Borough Council Portfolio Holder for Housing & Communities, said: “Cycling is one of the best ways for residents to stay healthy while having fun. It enables people to get more active and enjoy the benefits of physical activity. Being active can help prevent illness and pain, whilst improving sleep, lessening anxiety, brain health, heart health and so much more!

“I would like to thank the local heroes who donated their unused bikes. As the cost of living becomes harder, some of our most vulnerable residents would not be able to afford a bicycle. Your kind donation will mean the world to them.”

The Community Cycle initiative is just the first step in helping some resident to access free quality bikes. Essex Pedal Power, which was piloted in Clacton and Jaywick Sands, will be launching in Colchester later this year. Eligible residents over the age of 12 will be able to apply for a bike, as well as join new community cycling clubs.

Cllr Julie Young, added: “We are extremely excited that Essex Pedal Power will be coming to Colchester soon. We anticipate this project will have a positive effect on residents and community groups and will help to increase wellbeing, employability and training opportunities, as well as sustainable travel options – all of which form the core outcomes for the project. CBC teams are working hard behind the scenes with stakeholders and partners and look forward to launching the Essex Pedal Power programme within Colchester soon.”

Community Cycle and Essex Pedal Power are some of the activities made possible by Active Essex funding, as part of the Sport England Local Delivery Pilot (LDP), to support their work in encouraging physical activity and healthy lifestyles among the most disadvantaged communities in the local population.

The money has been awarded to Colchester Borough Council and Active Essex to test new health and wellbeing projects such as free-for-all Park Play, Street Tag and Beat the Streets.

The funding also links directly to the costs of the LDP already incurred over the past four years and to the delivery of the following projects which are either happening or are proposed: Essex Pedal Power; activities celebrating The Commonwealth Games; ParkPlay; Beat the Street; suicide prevention; investment in open spaces for ‘green prescribing;’ youth facilities, and Street Tag.   

Page last reviewed: 8 August 2022


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