Colchester Borough Council cracks down on fly-tipping

PUBLISHED: 4 August 2021

Colchester Borough Council is sending a strong message to anyone thinking of littering in the borough, following a recent blitz on fly-tipping in Greenstead.

In the last few weeks, five fixed penalty notices (FPNs) have been issued following investigations by neighbourhood wardens into three separate fly-tipping incidents blighting the area.

In one case, wardens dealt with a large pile of waste containing toys and decorating materials dumped beside a garage in Woodcock Close and were able to trace the mess to a nearby resident.

In a second incident, in Dahlia Walk, more than a dozen black bags were found to have been discarded by a landlord after students vacated his property.

In both cases, a £150 FPN was issued and has already been paid by those responsible.

Earlier this week (2 August), the neighbourhood team acted on a tip-off that three students were fly-tipping from a property in Rosalind Close. Video evidence appeared to show them dumping several black bags on a green area near Ferdinand Walk. After forwarding addresses were supplied by their landlord, three FPNs were sent to the students’ home addresses. One of them has since admitted responsibility.

Cllr Simon Crow, Portfolio Holder for Environment & Sustainability, said: “Whether leaving a single refuse bag next to a public bin or dumping larger items and waste on our streets and green spaces, fly-tipping is illegal and a blight on our borough.

“We will continue to take hard action against those responsible and remind everyone that fly-tipping is a criminal offence punishable by a fine or prosecution. The message ought to be clear by now that such environmental offences will not be tolerated in Colchester.

Cllr Beverley Oxford, Portfolio Holder for Communities, added: “The council’s neighbourhood wardens do a superb job helping to monitor and maintain our neighbourhoods as clean and safe environments. Their work is made even more effective by the vigilance of residents alerting them to incidents like those in Greenstead, and I would urge everyone to do likewise and report any fly-tipping to the council.”

Residents can report fly tipping at:

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