Join in the Love for a Better Colchester

PUBLISHED: 13 August 2018

Date issued: 13 August 2018

Colchester Borough Council Leader, Cllr Mark Cory, has today (13 August) launched a Better Colchester campaign. The campaign, which highlights all the work being done to make Colchester a better place to live, work and visit, comes after the recent agreement from Cabinet to invest £2 million in a range of projects for Colchester over the next two years.

Cllr Cory commented: “I’m doing this job, as Leader of the Council, because I genuinely want to make our borough better and people's lives in our town better. I am really excited about this campaign.

“I have already said that I'm committed to listening and cooperating to achieve the very best for Colchester, which is why it's also vitally important that we actually shout about what is being done.”

Over the coming months, Colcestrians can expect to see regular updates about the work being delivered as part of Better Colchester, as the council commits to communicating more about all the work its staff undertakes every day and the new investments being put in.

Cllr Cory continued: “We've launched a new Instagram account, so we can show what is being done in a simple and engaging way.

“This is all about working together with the people of Colchester to take pride in our town and its streets. I want people to share with us what they are doing for a Better Colchester and what they love about our town, with the hashtag #bettercolchester.

“This is everyone's chance to seek out and contribute to our positive future. Let's shake off the negativity. Let's not let the small minority drag our town down. Let's celebrate and invest in what we have. Together, let's make an even Better Colchester.”

Cllr Cory's launch video for the Better Colchester campaign can be seen on the Council's new Better Colchester Instagram account.

Better Colchester updates can be followed, along with all the other work and services Colchester Borough Council delivers, by signing up to e-newsletters at or following Better Colchester on Instagram, Enjoy Colchester on Facebook and @yourcolchester on Twitter.

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