Repair work agreed for Hythe to Rowhedge footpath

PUBLISHED: 26 April 2021

Proposals to repair a section of sheet piled river wall at Fieldgate Quay, where the piling has started to come away from the bank next to the Hythe to Rowhedge footpath, have been agreed by Colchester Borough Council.

The council is working with contractors to confirm a start date for the repair work and aim to start on site by autumn.

Dan Gascoyne, Colchester Borough Council Chief Operating Officer, said: “The repair to Fieldgate Quay is a high priority for the council.

Engineers are visiting the site weekly to do visual checks to monitor the damage to Fieldgate Quay river wall, and I can reassure residents that there has been no further movement in the damaged sheet pile wall or riverbank since December.

“I can confirm that repair plans to replace the sheet piling in that section of the river have been agreed. Due to the complex nature of these works and the various statutory permissions needed, contractors are unlikely to start re-piling on site until autumn.”

As the River Colne is internationally important for wildlife, the council is in consultation with several statutory organisations. An environmental consultant is involved in the planning of these works to minimise the impact to the surrounding biodiversity.

The great partnership work with Anglian Water continues and the council would like to reassure residents that there is no concern about the water outlet pipe at that point in the river. Anglian Water engineers have been working closely with the council on this planned repair from the start and will remain involved whilst repair works are undertaken.

Council officers are also working closely with CTruk Marine Services, whose business is on the land next to the section of affected riverbank, to ensure site safety with the day-to-day running of their operations.

Dan Gascoyne added: “We recognise the footpath closure is frustrating to regular users and we are continuing to look at options for a safe diversion that people can use around this part of the riverside. Whilst we continue to look for a possible diversion, we urge people, for their own safety, not to attempt to access the closed section of footpath.”

The council will continue to explore long-term regeneration, environmental and public realm improvements to the quayside, working with residents, businesses and other interested groups.

Page last reviewed: 26 April 2021


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