Skylarks nesting at Gosbecks Archaeological Park

PUBLISHED: 1 April 2021

Multiple breeding pairs of skylarks are currently nesting in the long grass areas at Gosbecks Archaeological Park.

Colchester Borough Council is asking that visitors to the site keep to the mowed paths and large tracks and keep dogs on a lead or under very close control, to avoid disturbing the birds, from now until the end of August.

Skylarks are ground nesting birds and are protected due to declining numbers. The council’s countryside rangers have installed temporary signage around the areas where they are nesting, giving visitors information about these protected birds and what they can do to support a successful breeding season.

These special birds have a beautiful song, and the council is calling out to everyone that visits the site to do their bit to help make sure it can be heard for many years to come.

Page last reviewed: 1 April 2021


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