Landmark community building gets new lease of life

PUBLISHED: 1 April 2021

Colchester Borough Council is in the final stages of appointing The C3 Church as the future tenants of the new Abbey Field Community Centre, which will be running as a community centre to benefit residents.

Building on their success in Cambridge and Bury St Edmunds, the C3 Church is looking to create a family-orientated environment where people feel valued and cared for. The venue will become a community hub, which will offer advice, support and facilities for the local community.

The spacious and well-connected property, formally the Garrison Gym, is located at Circular Road South, opposite Abbey Fields.

The impressive former gymnasium building, which dates from 1860, was once owned by the Ministry of Defence and was transferred to Colchester Borough Council in 2010 as a benefit to all Colchester residents. It underwent an extensive restoration programme in 2013 and now has the space and facilities to be a real asset and resource to benefit the local community.

A Colchester Borough Council spokesperson said: “We are delighted to be finalising the lease with The C3 Church, who will become the new tenant of the Abbey Field Community Centre. The new facility will provide support to residents and help strengthen the local community.”

Page last reviewed: 1 April 2021


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