Colchester Foodbank receives financial boost following councillor donations

PUBLISHED: 9 April 2020

Date issued: 9 April 2020

All 51 Colchester councillors have donated £100 each to Colchester Foodbank, giving immediate support for those households facing hardship in the current climate. The £5,100 donation has been welcomed by Colchester Foodbank in their determined efforts for daily food and personal hygiene goods.

This response is due to the early release of £102,000 of Locality Budgets by the council.

In addition, Colchester Borough Council is also matching the councillors’ donations pound for pound, so Colchester Foodbank will be receiving a very necessary £10,200 for Easter!

Council Leader Cllr Mark Cory, Cllr Martin Goss, Cllr Tina Bourne, Cllr Robert Davidson and Cllr Gerard Oxford – the leaders of the Liberal Democrat, Labour, Conservative and Highwoods Independents Groups respectively – have released the following statement:

“We are delighted to see the early allocation of Locality Budgets. Our councillors have £2,000 each to support small local groups in their efforts to assist vulnerable residents facing additional hardship due to the impact of coronavirus. We anticipate that some funds will be spent immediately, and the rest may be used to support community recovery in 2-3 months’ time. Councillors have shown over time that they know how to use these budgets to support their local communities and parishes.

“A donation of £100 from each councillor to Colchester Foodbank will boost the funding that the organisation needs to continue their excellent work. Many councillors are donating additional funds over time, but the immediate release of £5,100 to Colchester Foodbank will help get food to the neediest in our borough quickly.”

Councillors wish to remind residents to donate food, toiletries or direct cash donations to

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