Colchester Castle to mark 75th Anniversary of D-Day

PUBLISHED: 30 April 2019

Date issued: 30 April 2019

Colchester Castle is proud to be working with the Airborne Forces Museum to mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

From the 29 April until 6 October, visitors to Colchester Castle will be able to see a small display about the 9th (Essex) Parachute Battalion of the Parachute Regiment to commemorate the anniversary of D-Day and other airborne operations in 1944, which helped liberate Europe.

The 9th Battalion was heavily involved in the Normandy landings, and as experienced specialists the Paras trained for many months to seize key objectives. On D-Day itself, they set off from airfields across the UK to land in occupied France. Despite many soldiers landing outside their designated drop zones, they managed to regroup and were able to take the enemy by surprise

Through their bravery and training they succeeded in storming the German gun battery at Merville which threatened the British landings at Sword Beach.

Colchester Castle is honoured to be bringing a small Airborne 75 display to the people of Colchester and the Castle’s visitors. The 9th Battalion and the whole of the Parachute Regiment fought with bravery and distinction for the remainder of the War, and this display tells part of their story.

The display will feature a Parachute Regiment uniform from the Second World War, alongside poignant stories of some of the Paras who fought in the Normandy campaign, to give an insight into what life must have been like to be a part of one of the most important dates in modern history.

For Colchester residents who would like to visit please remember that, at no extra cost, you can upgrade the standard Castle admission to a Resident Pass that entitles you to visit the Castle as many times as you like in a calendar year free of charge.

To find out more about Colchester Castle and its history please visit

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