Leisure World stocks swimwear made from ocean waste

PUBLISHED: 9 April 2019

Date published: 9 April 2019

Leisure World Colchester is now stocking Zoggs EcolastTM swimwear in its Zoggs Shop.

Zoggs’ EcolastTM range is made from abandoned fishing nets, carpet and industrial waste which are rescued from the oceans and landfill through a partnership with Healthy Seas. Healthy Seas is a not-for-profit initiative with a mission to protect our oceans and marine life by collecting abandoned fishing nets that are then transformed into sustainable products.

Working with divers, schools, NGOs and governments, Healthy Seas is responsible for the retrieval of ghost fishing nets, raising awareness of the environmental damage these nets cause. It’s estimated 640,000 tons of fishing equipment is discarded in our oceans every year, each taking hundreds of years to decompose. The Healthy Seas initiative also collaborates with fishermen, fish farms and local communities to prevent these nets ending up in the sea by helping to source responsible solutions.

Zoggs also donates 10% of profits from Ecolast™ swimwear to the Healthy Seas initiative.

The Zoggs Shop at Leisure World Colchester is open 6am-10pm (Mon to Friday), 7am-9pm (Saturday) and 8am-8pm (Sunday).

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