Colchester Borough Council receives Government funding to tackle air pollution

PUBLISHED: 2 April 2019

Colchester Borough Council has received nearly £250,000 from the Government to support a scheme to improve air quality in key areas across the borough.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has today (Tuesday) announced a partnership bid, led by the council, has been awarded £249,100 under its Air Quality Grants scheme.

It follows a successful bid for funding by the council, together with the Colchester Travel Plan Club, Our Colchester (Business Improvement District), Clean Air Colchester, Clean Air Heroes and Essex County Council

The money will be used to support a two-year project aimed at encouraging a change of behaviour in motorists driving through the borough’s air quality management areas (AQMAs), by encouraging them to switch their engine off when stationary.

The scheme will see the running of a campaign to:

  • raise awareness of poor air quality and its health impacts
  • develop an eye catching No Idling brand to use across a range of areas in the borough to encourage people to switch off their vehicle’s engine when stationary
  • encouraging walking, cycling or public transport for short journeys 
  • working with schools in the centre of Colchester to encourage a change in people’s travel behaviour
  • increase capacity of the proactive volunteer group Clean Air Colchester by identifying potentialnew volunteers

The project to help enhance the borough’s air quality supports the objectives of Livewell Colchester which aims to improve residents’ health and wellbeing.


Further information on the boroughs (AQMA)s, and how air quality in Colchester is monitored can be found on Colchester Borough Council’s website.

There are three AQMA in place across the borough in areas where pollution exceeds national guidelines. Where an AQMA is identified, the council must develop an Air Quality Local Action Plan highlighting how they will improve air quality in the area.

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