Colchester Council and District Commander meet to continue work to tackle ASB

PUBLISHED: 29 August 2023

Colchester City Council and Essex Police are continuing to work together to tackle anti-social behaviour (ASB) across The City of Colchester.

Cllr David King, Leader of the Council, alongside fellow Cabinet colleagues, met the District Commander of Essex Police, Chief Inspector Colin Cox and Inspector Stuart Austin, from the Colchester Community Policing Team at Colchester Town Hall last week to affirm their commitment to continuing the Community Safety Partnership approach to tackle anti-social behaviour across the city.

Cllr David King, Leader of Colchester City Council, said: “We all recognise that incidents of anti-social behaviour are of great concern to residents and local communities.

"In the last 12 months, there have been over 3,000 fewer antisocial complaints, but we recognise that any incidents can be upsetting. We will continue to hold high level meetings with businesses and Essex Police and other partners to ensure ASB remain a priority. Only by working together closely can we nip poor behaviour in the bud. I want robust action, as will residents, and for the city council to play their full part, to include reviewing car park security.”

Chief Inspector Colin Cox said: “Levels of anti-social behaviour remains low in Colchester but continues to be a high priority for our local policing teams as we understand the impact it has on victims.
“Over the past year, we have seen the levels of anti-social behaviour fall by 30% and that’s due to the hard work our officers and staff have done in understanding anti-social behaviour and identifying offenders.
“We continue to ask the public to report ASB to us online or by using our live chat service.”

This strong Community Safety Partnership approach to tackling antisocial behaviour across the city continues, and there are a number of projects currently taking place, including:
  • Knife Angel: Providing a platform for a programme of activities, events, and awareness-raising campaigns to raise awareness about knife crime and violent crime and its impact on local communities. Alongside the development of a young person ambassador programme.
  • City Centre Action Panel (CCAP): A fortnightly partner meeting between Essex Police, Colchester City Council, Colchester Borough Homes, Business Improvement District (BID), Phoenix Futures, Open Road, Beacon House, and National Probation Service. Partners meet confidentially to discuss individuals who are vulnerable, or those who are causing harm, distress, or harassment to the public, to enable cross-partnership proactive support or actions to be put into place. These meetings are invaluable in terms of partnership working and having a full picture of activity in the city centre. 
  • Op Dial: Essex is one of 10 pilot areas for the Government's ASB Action Plan scheme, set up in March 2023 to tackle specific ASB hotspot issues. Leisure World Colchester was identified as an area that suffers from vehicle ASB and the Community Safety team at the City Council are working with Essex police to run three targeted patrols in this area, every week.
  • Stronger Together: Providing interactive theatre for young people, adults, community groups and professionals to raise awareness and promote positive changes to behaviour to tackle violence against women and girls. Alongside the development of a young person ambassador programme.
  • Business Partnership Portal: To provide antisocial behaviour prevention advice and support the business community.
  • Vulnerability Training: For 120+ Colchester businesses, transport providers, Street Pastors, SOS bus staff, venue door staff, late night food businesses and events teams to strengthen understanding of vulnerability and how they can support people.
  • City Centre Crime Reduction Programme: Partnership activity to lower crime and antisocial behaviour, including Purple Flag accreditation.
  • Best Bar None: Introducing this scheme to drive down antisocial behaviour and improve engagement with licensed premises.
  • R: Funded by Safer Streets, the new bus will offer a haven, medical support, diffuses trouble and takes vulnerable women home if necessary.
  • Ask for Angela: An enhanced program providing individual training to venues and other individuals working at night on how to offer appropriate assistance.
  • Nights of Action: Regular partnership event with Essex Police, Colchester City Council and other key partners to tackle neighbourhood crime and anti-social behaviour.

Page last reviewed: 29 August 2023


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