A final act of kindness: Crematorium recycling scheme raises thousands for local hospice

PUBLISHED: 12 June 2023

St Helena Hospice has received a £12,000 donation, thanks to Colchester Crematorium’s participation in a national recycling scheme.

Each year, the Institute of Crematorium and Cemetery Management (ICCM) scheme, which Colchester Crematorium joined in 2018, asks members to nominate a charity to receive a share of the cash from the combined sale of metals recovered by crematoriums nationwide.
This is the fourth year Colchester crematorium has nominated St Helena Hospice for a donation. Last year, they were presented with a cheque for £12,000.

The ICCM scheme ensures that hard metals, such as coffin staples and nails, as well as medical implants, are recycled with the consent of the family of the deceased. This initiative not only helps the environment but also provides a means to give back to the community through charitable donations.

Cllr Natalie Sommers, Portfolio Holder for Communities presented the £12,000 cheque to James Martin-Whymark, Fundraiser at St Helena Hospice, on 5 June.

Cllr Sommers said: “This contribution is a testament to the enduring legacy that can be created through the passing of a loved one, providing comfort to families during an unbearably difficult time.

“The metal recycling scheme not only benefits charities financially but also helps to conserve natural resources. The bereaved families who contributed to this donation can take pride in knowing that their loved one's passing has made a significant impact in supporting the hospice's wonderful work in caring for people in the final stages of life.

“This donation will undoubtedly aid in their mission to provide comfort and dignity to patients and their families during their most vulnerable moments. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to ICCM for their unwavering commitment to supporting such a worthy cause.”

James Martin-Whymark, Fundraiser at St Helena Hospice, added: “We are so grateful to Colchester Crematorium for nominating St Helena Hospice to receive this incredible donation of £12,000 and for choosing to support us for the fourth year running.
“Our services are more in demand than ever as the local NHS faces extreme pressures and turns to us for support, so this amazing amount will go towards providing vital and essential care to the growing number of patients and families who desperately need hospice care or bereavement support.
“As a charity, 25% of our funding comes from the NHS, but the remaining 75% is raised from the local community, including through generous donations such as this. Without the support of local people and organisations like Colchester Crematorium, we couldn’t continue to help local people face incurable illness and bereavement, so a huge thank you to them and to all the families who contributed.”

ICCM’s recycled metals scheme, which launched in 2006 in partnership with Dutch company Orthometals, has raised more than £7m for charities up and down the country since it launched. Read more about the ICCM scheme, here.

Pictured above: Cllr Natalie Sommers presents a cheque for £12,000 to James Martin-Whymark, Fundraiser at St Helena Hospice. Image credit: St Helena Hospice.


Page last reviewed: 12 June 2023


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