Street Tag MOVE IT trial season ends

PUBLISHED: 12 May 2023

Loganberry Lodge Care Home and the Mayor of Colchester celebrated the end of Street Tag’s MOVE IT trial, on Tuesday, 9 May, with a prize-giving ceremony.

The heart-warming initiative was specifically designed for care homes to help get residents up-and-moving. “MoveBoxes” were placed at specific locations within the care home, which residents then tagged with a lanyard, earning points, winning pin badges and climbing the leader board. The leader board was always displayed, creating a friendly competition and incentive for residents and staff to ‘tag’.

Seun Oshinaike, Founder of Street Tag, explained: “By gamifying physical activity with the MoveBox, Street Tag encourages residents and staff to engage in movement and exercise throughout the day, leading to improved physical and mental health.

“What’s been accomplished during the Loganberry Lodge trial season is nothing short of amazing. The residents walked approximately 40km, the equivalent of walking from Colchester to Chelmsford. The staff walked approximately 190km, the distance from Colchester to Exeter!”

Seun added: “We need a bit of time to review the data collected from the trial, but the Loganberry Lodge Street Tag leader board will be back.”

Rory Doyle, Strategic Director at Colchester City Council, said: “Projects like the Loganberry Lodge MOVE IT trial, encourage older people in care homes to enjoy the benefits of fitness and movement, no matter what their mobility. It’s wonderful to hear so many touching stories coming out of the care home, and I know it’s helping residents to become more social, which in itself is proven to boost mental health.

“I’d like to thank Loganberry Lodge and Street Tag for running this trial. I know other care homes have expressed interest and I’m sure we will do more together in the future.”

John Dunea, Loganberry Lodge Home Manager, said: “Since we launched the MOVE IT trial, I have observed our residents, staff, families and other professionals showing interest, moving more and encouraging one another to participate. Families are walking with their loved ones during visits which helps our residents to visit other parts of the home and meet other staff and residents. This all has huge benefits to both physical and emotional well-being.

“The scheme is working particularly well in our Dementia units and staff have seen residents become more cheerful and happy. We’ve even seen some residents tagging without waiting for staff support because they are that excited.

“Overall, MOVE IT has been a huge success and I look forward to the friendly competition continuing when the next season launches.”

Clare Wiles-Booth and Christie DeAth, Loganberry Lodge Wellbeing Leads, said: “It was very exciting, yet slightly nerve-wracking, to be the first care home in the UK to participate in the Street Tag MOVE IT council-backed programme.

“The scheme has shown significant improvement with residents' mobility. Their spirits have been lifted and their determination to walk that little bit further each day has been inspiring. Seeing them actively engaging and participating through their own free will is so rewarding and satisfying to see – especially one resident who chose not to leave her room at all prior to the scheme being in place.”

Page last reviewed: 12 May 2023


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