Formal Decision Notice for Governance and Audit Hearing Sub Committee on 30/03/23

PUBLISHED: 13 April 2023

We are now publishing the final decision notice of the Governance and Audit Hearing Sub Committee hearing held on 30 March 2023. The hearing was a result of Code of Conduct complaints made under Colchester City Council Members’ Code of Conduct regarding Colchester City Councillor Patricia Moore:

Whilst the Sub-Committee initially found that Cllr Moore had breached the obligations contained in the Councillor Code of Conduct relating to treating others with respect and also not to disclose confidential information the Sub-Committee, upon further reflection, considered that Cllr Moore had not breached the disclosing confidential information obligation for the reasons mentioned in the formal decision notice. The Sub-committee was instead satisfied that this part of the complaint came within the obligation of treating others with respect. The remaining finding was unaltered.

To clarify, it was considered that the following sections of the Members’ Code of Conduct had been breached:
  • Section 3(1), not treating others with respect.

It was, however, considered that the Code of Conduct had not been breached in respect of:
  • Section 3(3)(c) attempting to intimidate the complainant.
  • Section 4(a), disclosing confidential information relating to the complaints which was known or reasonably ought to have been known to be confidential.

The formal decision notice can be viewed here: (located at the bottom of the webpage under ‘additional meeting documents).

Page last reviewed: 13 April 2023


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