Colchester continues commitment to tree planting

PUBLISHED: 23 February 2023

Colchester continues to work towards a greener city and an ambitious goal to plant a further 200,000 trees with over 12,500 trees planted this winter. With thousands more given away each year through the council’s Trees for Years programme.

For the first time, all the young trees we are planting on our land are UK grown stock being sourced from local tree nurseries whenever possible. Ensuring the trees are 100% UK grown has helped to reduce the carbon footprint of this year’s project even further.

This year, the council has worked closely with Market Field Farm, as part of their Market Field Grows scheme, with the charity helping to plant over 3,750 native trees and shrubs at the new Stanway Community Centre. Market Field Farm is a charity that provides young people with learning disabilities, autism and ADHD, secure and retain paid employment.

The trees planted at Stanway Community Centre are also an important landmark, as the Woodland and Biodiversity team campaigned hard to ensure that this new community building had planting that focussed on biodiversity rather than ornamental planting, as had been originally planned.

In addition to these trees, Colchester City Council also took part in the Queen’s Green Canopy, as part of the jubilee celebrations. Oak trees were planted in 20 towns and parishes across the city.

The tree planting is part of the council’s Woodland and Biodiversity project which aims to develop a legacy of a greener city for future generations. The project not only strives to make the city greener but aims to manage green spaces without harming existing habitats, enhance environments to create more space for nature to grow and thrive, and to encourage communities to love and care for the environment.

Leader of the Council, Cllr David King said: “I am proud of the progress we have made since we launched the Woodland and Biodiversity project, working with others to help biodiversity, the birds, bees, butterflies and the wildflowers that enrich our environment. As well as planting many thousands of trees in good locations, across our city and encouraging a respect for nature and our great parks as we go.”

Cllr Steph Nissen, Portfolio Holder for Environment and Sustainability added: “Our tree planting is a fundamental part of the Woodland and Biodiversity Scheme – a programme that makes a huge contribution to ensuring we make Colchester a greener city for the future.”

Residents will be able to get their hands on trees, too, with the Trees for Years scheme continuing for its 16th year.

For more information about the Woodland and Biodiversity Project please visit: The Colchester Woodland and Biodiversity Project

Page last reviewed: 23 February 2023


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