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How to make a taxi complaint

How you can complain to us about a taxi company, driver or vehicle in Colchester


  • How to make a complaint about a hackney carriage (taxi), private hire vehicle, driver or operator
  • What happens once a complaint has been submitted

If you're unhappy with the behaviour of a driver or the condition of a vehicle, believe a vehicle to be unlicensed or have any other issue, report the problem immediately.

How to make a complaint about a hackney carriage (taxi), private hire vehicle, driver or operator 


You can submit a complaint about the driver, the vehicle or the operator.

Licensing Officers at Colchester Borough Council have delegated powers which enable them to investigate complaints concerning licensed drivers, licensed vehicles and private hire operators, in appropriate circumstances.

You must provide either:

  • the hackney carriage or private hire vehicle licence plate number (this is shown on the white or yellow plate at the rear and front of the car)
  • or, the vehicle plate registration number

You should also include:

  • the date/time/location of the incident
  • your name and contact details

Provide as much detail as you can about the journey or incident you are making a complaint about. If you have any video footage or photos, include this as well.

Submit a complaint

The Licensing Authority does not have the power to enforce the following:

  • Parking infringements such as parking on double yellow lines or double parking. For parking infringements contact the Parking Enforcement Services Unit or call on 01206 282316.
  • Obstruction such as obstructions on the public highway, including parking too near road junctions. For obstruction infringements contact Essex Police.
  • Traffic offences such as using a hand-held mobile phone while driving, road rage, careless or dangerous driving. For traffic offences contact Essex Police.
  • Criminal offences such as assault, threats, harassment, theft of mobile phone, or indecency. For criminal offences contact Essex Police.
  • Vehicles licensed by another local authority such as Tendering, Uttlesford, etc. Contact the relevant local authority which has licensed these vehicles.

What happens once a complaint has been submitted


Once a complaint has been submitted, we will consider all the evidence to determine what or if further action should be taken.

  • Your complaint will be assessed to check that it is valid and whether it can be investigated.
  • If valid, the complaint will be investigated. In some circumstances, you may be contacted for more information and asked to provide a witness statement. This statement may ultimately be used in court if the matter progresses to this point.
  • Unless requested, you will not be notified of the outcome of the investigation.
  • In some circumstances, you may be required to attend a Licensing Committee Hearing or Magistrates Court to give evidence.
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